Quick Facts

  • Started in 2005
  • Added more than 10000 businesses as subscribers in just 2 years that has grown to over 50000 till date
  • Among Top 10 Enterprise Messaging businesses in India
  • Delivered over 70 billion messages, 312 billion mails, 20 millions web/micro sites  till date
  • Trusted as a Unified Digital Marketing platform spanning mobile, Internet, social media, software solutions & mobile apps

Digital Marketing-Full Circle

Dynamic Responsive Microsite

A responsive site is a website that works well with any device, be it desktop, a mobile or a tablet. A microsite is a single webpage that contains all information on a single page
You promote through various mediums & spend a lot on promotions. These promotions come with a limitation, in terms of characters or time and there isn’t any way to measure the return on every penny invested. A microsite contains all your information and it acts a landing page for all your promotions be it on print, visual or digital media. All your traffic culminates on this landing page
kit19 provides all its subscribers with the microsite that has a pre-integrated lead capturing form. When your users visit this page and go through your text, they can fill this form and you get the lead through mail and SMS. This page also indicates the no. of visits and the leads generated through this page. Your SMS account is linked with this form so you can also view/export the leads from your SMS reports
Your microsite is dynamic which means that you can change the information on your microsite anytime and any no. of times that you wish.

Mailing for businesses

When you need to say it with pictures and more words…

Mails enjoy the same status as that of messaging when it comes to speed of delivery. Since SMS has a limit of characters, Opt for this where the need is of an elaborate message and graphics.

Reach them on their Handset

With the increased penetration of smartphones, most of the users have now access to their mails on their mobiles on the go. Sometimes a detailed communication is required and words are not enough. Here mailing is your answer. This can be in form of a regular newsletter to keep the customer engaged or an offer you wish to inform your customers about or a service related acknowledgement.

Manage Sales and Service through CRM19.com

CRM19 is not just meant for tracking and saving leads, it is a readymade solution for maintaining your follow ups, conversions and providing you valuable insights on where to invest based on the past records. Here’s why:

Results come from following up leads !

  • 90% leads don’t convert immediately
  • Leads timely and consistently require timely follow up
  • Consistency of your approach increases business’s credibility
  • Helps to keep the prospective leads engaged

Do you keep a record of all your leads for a year or 2 or 5?

  • Keeping a record of all the leads is a must
  • Its important to respond to your prospects quickly and at a reasonable time
  • To calculate return of investment

Your Branded Mobile App - KIT

KIT is an affordable branded app for you that lets you

  • Quickly Communicate & engage your customers 24*7
  • Free to use/integrate all your communication/shared files anywhere in your existing software through apis
  • Propose a value to your customers so that they keep it installed

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