Lead Automation

Gaining access to potential leads with the help of advertisement, tradeshows. Direct marketing have now been replaced by lead automation software in today’s digital era.

With the increase in the number of sources of lead generation and with the rising lead volumes, manually entering the lead into the system seems to be a herculean task or we can rather say it as unrealistic.

But definitely we don’t want any lead leakages or any missed leads as they are the drivers of our sales. With the lead automation software capturing of lead generation process has become simpler and effortless as all the leads are automatically captured thus saving our time, investment and effort.

Lead Automation Software

Our kit19 lead automation tools ensures that each lead is fed into the right set according to the filters and parsing rules created thereby preventing any lead leakages and getting over the hassles of manual entering the lead details.

In our lead automation tool all the leads from different digital channels can be directly captured and fed to the sales CRM for further tracking and nurturing to make our prospects into hot customers and finally do with the sales or this lead data can evenbe imported to excel for any further use.

Let us understand the different stages in a lead automation process through our kit19 software in a more detailed way.

Lead Automation Software

Getting leads directly to your virtual mailbox

A user gets enquiry emails from various channels like B2B directories, classified, social media channels, advertisements etc. in their mailbox.

Feeding these humongous data from these sources manually seems manually impossible. But in our kit19 lead automation tool these enquiry emails are forwarded automatically to our kit19 virtual mailbox which is created for our every user.

Lead Automation Software

You can simply follow the steps provided in your page and the entire email service provider such as Gmail,Yahoo,WebMail, and Outlook can be easily mapped to our virtual mailbox, thereby reducing any extra effort to put these leads manually into a system.

A step by step procedure is provided to our users who can easily create a virtual mailbox in kit19 and auto forward their emails.

Automated B2B Lead Generation

Adding parsing rules and filters

You can now add parsing rules to your emails so that all the emails following a certain rule can easily be accumulated under one heading and subject. This helps us to filter out a particular set of lead and customers as per our requirement.

A user can add n number of parsing rules without any restrictions. Filters provided by parsing rule helps user provide with a specific set of campaign such as SMS/Mail/Landing pages for further lead nurturing.

This saves the user valuable time and the job of filtering and funnelling of leads becomes redundant. Filters applied to the lead data details can also help you find out where are your leads coming from and you can focus your efforts there which can easily make you score you a lead. This helps us reduce time investment and follow leads promptly.

Automation business leads

Get your Leads directly to CRM

The lead captured automatically can directly be sent to the kit19 CRM which is seamlessly integrated to the virtual mailbox.

Now the lead can be stored track and nurtured further by scheduling drip campaigns such as SMS/Mail/ etc. regularly. User can also directly import this lead data to an excel file for further analysis of the leads.

This is how a lead data looks like after it has been captured, forwarded to your virtual mailbox and finally to the onlineCRM which is just simple and effortless without any manual data entry.

Automated B2B Lead Generation

Get data in your CRM through integrated APIs

Even to make this process simpler, we are working on different APIs so that data from different business websites, chats and social medias, Justdial and Indiamart get directly captured into your CRM so making the whole process even more simplified and swift.

A user can also contact us if in case you want a particular APIs integrated to your kit19 automation tool. This customized API lead automation tool can be easily plugged in to any software programme and will help the user captured lead directly to their CRM without any intervention of the mail forwarding to your virtual mailbox.

Automated B2B Lead Generation

Automated lead automation also helps us remove the leads which have been out-dated due to a change in mobile number, email ID thus removing any useless data from our system which seems to be quite impossible in manual lead entry. Any time a lead can be added and updated in the lead automation software.

Lead Scoring is the final requirement for any sales which can be easily done with the Kit 19 automated software which helps us distinguish among the prospects, qualifiedleads and casualleads which are less likely to generate business. Prospective leads then can be easily followed up by scheduling campaigns in our CRM. An automated lead tool is what your business needs so as to cut your research costs and improving sales efficiency.

Automated B2B Lead Generation