Easy, Intuitive support management for faster resolution to customer requests

As your business grows, you start facing new challenges, of which customers service is arguably the most important. With scale, you may not be able to keep up the same personal touch as with a handful customers.

While trying to delegate, even if you may not be able to tackle each customer's concern yourself, it doesn't necessarily mean that you wouldn't be able to provide the service that your customers, the very building stones of your growth, deserve.

Manage Ticket

After all, a business is meant for customers and no business can flourish by making customers unhappy. The ticket management solution will be an immense help when you are trying to achieve better customer service.

The solution creates your very own self help portal from where your agents as well as customers can raise support tickets and view their current status anytime.

Manage Ticket

The rule based automation of ticket assignment, classification, SLA & other ticket actions make it a lot better than the existing traditional helpdesk solutions where manual entries are required.

The ticket generation starts with as small a step as receiving a support mail from your customer and next steps follow intuitively.

Manage Ticket

Currently, the ticket management solution supports ticket generation from mails, webforms, website, manual addition and even an api that can be integrated into your existing software, if any, to generate and update tickets.

Very shortly, you'd be able to accept support even from live chats and social channels like facebook automatically.