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Inconsistent Sales is the biggest pain for your business
Give it a painkiller that has vitamins too !

Pain #1 : Leads are lost

  • Some of your leads coming from calls, B2B directories, ads, Website etc are lost because they are to be entered manually

Pain #3 : Customer are not retained

  • You think customer engagement to get repeat business is a luxury you cannot afford
  • No formal customer service request management & satisfaction measurement
  • You are unable to track customer's reaction to your sales activities & take actions accordingly
  • Unable to advertise on facebook, google etc because of lack of knowledge
  • The feedback mechanism is missing or ignored because you find it difficult, costly or unworthy

Pain #2 : Leads are not nurtured properly

  • Your sales people are unable to followup leads on time
  • All Leads are treated equal: No customization as per their purchase history, potential etc
  • A lead is valued as per their one time purchase & not their lifetime value
  • Its difficult to create & send extremely targeted campaigns so the right lead gets the right pitch at the right time.
  • Don't have a creative staff to create attractive audio-visual promotional material like mailers/landing pages etc

Pain #4 : Business has no tracking

  • Never know how much did you get from the money you spent on paid leads, ads etc offers & campaign performance is not tracked
  • You are unable to weigh the advantages of having your own ecom store against heavy Commissions paid to big ecom stores for online sales of your products

Lets get Sales done automatically, consistently.Start Free

Sounds Good ? This is how our platform does it

Zero leads Leakage

Every lead that you discard becomes an opportunity for someone else. With our platform, we make sure that you capture all leads from various channels. Right from lead capturing to getting them to your Sales CRm & sending them beautiful, personalized /proposals through mail/messages, we do it all automatically. Get leads from :

  • B2B directories
  • Mails
  • Contact form
  • Website visitors
  • Landing page
  • facebook ads
  • Google adwords
  • Calls

Convert more leads

People forget fast. Reminding them what they were looking for increases their chances of purchase. Increase conversions through leads by Using Customer segmentation & Highly targeted automated drip campaigns ensure that the right lead gets the right pitch at the right time.

  • Complete Lead Management from capturing till closure
  • Automated, event based & scheduled campaigns
  • Segment leads as per their history & take actions accordingly
  • Beautiful Drag & Drop mailers

Keep customers coming back

Engagement is the key here. Evaluate a lead with its lifetime value & you'd know why big online companies keep you engaged with offers, feedback , personalized discount coupons etc

  • Create your Eshop & get payments directly in your account 24*7
  • Create customized coupons for discounts, freebies etc
  • Use webforms to make announcements, collect feedbacks etc
  • Engage through facebook, twitter posts
  • Use Landing pages to elaborate about each offer and get leads
  • Provide faster service through support ticket management

Measure & improve

The report card of your efforts is analytics.
Which campaigns performed good?
Which marketing channel is worth investing ?
You get all your answers here

  • Track RoI of each marketing channel
  • Track campaign performance
  • Track how your webforms & Landing pages are performing

Explore the journey of successful, sustained automatic Sales

Know the science of successful sales? Theoretically, its simply being prompt, offering the right thing at right time & blah blah, but when it comes to practice, its a workflow with a set of complicated steps that are derived from user's actions or no actions. With kit19, you just create workflows once & the steps are followed automatically.

Get leads automatically, effortlessly

Isn't storing leads a real pain when you have to do it manually? You get leads from several channels but retaining them & nurturing them till they mature requires efforts. Kit19 automates the whole cycle of capturing leads from various channels, responding them and even keeping them engaged.

Master all your business communications

Your Phone and mail are the center of your business activity. With Sales 10x, you can automate the flow of each call or mail that you receive. You may not even have imagined what could be done with a simple mail or call that lands your business. Now, you can take control and ensure that each communication doesn’t end up buried, unheard or unharnessed to its full potential.
Did you think it takes a hefty infrastructure of servers, digital phone no.s, IP phone instruments, an expensive solution and even more expensive technicians to do this? Meet Sales 10x, it doesn’t go heavy on your pocket or mind Feel the power to convert each new call to a lead or each customer call to a support ticket automatically. And it doesn’t end there, you can actually create a full flow with each call or mail and even trigger perpetual drip campaigns that take your new opportunities or customers to the next level.
Your customers are sure to be delighted to get a tailor made personalized experience every time they touch you but for you, its just a few clicks !

Sales CRM

One place to keep all your enquiries,. leads and conversions, thats a CRM. You can follow each activity performed on your leads till they close and therafter. Identify potential leads and customers in just one look.

Segment Customers

Not everyone is alike, and that applies to your leads & customers too. While some leads take less time to close , some may not. You may want to offer a special discount to some special customers or you may want to churned customers to retry your offerings at a special price. This is where segementation comes into play. Once you segment customers as per their actions & history, you can set different engagement steps to be followed for different segments.

Create beautiful landing pages & mailers

Want to be able to cut out beautiful attractive offers without tech know how? Kit19 answers your need for coming up with beautiful & easy to create drag & drop mailers & landing pages mailers that not just promote with audio, video & images but also send SMS/Mail or run custom webhooks once the visitors of your landing page express interest.

Create your e-shop

We bet you wouldn't have seen an eshop so easy & beautiful to create. With kit19, it actually takes 2 minutes to have your beautiful eshop up & running with preintegrated payment gateway. But whats an online shop without discount coupons, freebees and other offers. Your kit19 eshop gives you the option to create user specific, product specific, bill specific and time specific coupons. Want to try a flash sale? Now you can do it in just 5 minutes with kit19.

Automated SMS/Mail campaigns to engage customers

Are you still working with flat files, set datetime & static content to promote you products? In the new era, Dynamic real time promotion is whats needed to keep you a cut above the rest. At kit19, you can set indefinite campaigns that work on real time recipient segments instead of flat files, are triggered on events or schedules and sends dynamic user specific content through SMS or mails. The story doesn't end there. You can even define further sequential or drip campaigns to take the respondents of your campaigns to the next level.

Create Web Form

A webform is one of the biggest assets for any relevant business website which can be used to get input from prospective clients and can enhance your relationship cordially. Web forms can allow you to collect relevant data for your business directly from your website visitors without the need of exposing your e-mail address to the world. Web forms are of great help for leadgeneration when you have inbound sales and therefore it is sometimes also known as web to lead forms.

Faster ticket resolution = Happy customers

Its already established and doesn't need any further elaboration that your customers are your best bet. A good customer service not only impacts your brand image positively but it turns out that its also the most cost effective & reliable marketing when your customers start advocating your brand. Customer delight starts with prompt service and thats what support ticket management does for you.

Google Plugins

Say No to flat files that just lie the way they were created. Sales10x supports Google spreadsheets integration. If you have a live recipient list or message content in your spreadsheets that you constantly update, this integration will help you send messages on the fly using real time lists and message content that get composed right at the time of the campaign. What’s best is that you can even use Sales10x’s powerful mail parsing to get meaningful content from your mail in google spreadsheets, all real time.

Advertise with Google

Get the power of Google ads right from Sales10x. Save yourself from the trouble of setting up Google Adwords account and start advertising with Google in just 2 minutes . Why pay anyone to set up or manage your account when you can do it yourself and even get leads in sales10x automatically using landing pages and web forms.
This cannot get any easier! In just 3 simple steps, you can have your ads published in millions of sites through Google adwords. Be it a local business, where you need to target advertisements only within 3km of your radius or a business targeting just parents or an age group or people of any particular interest, we’ve got you covered.
Combine all this with the flexibility of deciding how much to spend on the advertisements on a single day. Once you advertise and use landing pages to capture leads, your automated campaigns work on them just as they do for other leads.


This is the outcome of all your efforts, how your campaigns faired, which coupons worked, which landing page created most interests. The analytics gives you an insight into all this & more.

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Kit19 is a marketing & promotion automation tool for businesses of any size that considerably reduces the manual work out of marketing & promotion activities through automated workflows & SMS/Mail campaigns.

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