Sales Analytics Software

Sales Analytics, sometimes also known as the “sales metrics” gives you a measure of your sales and marketing process. It is used to understand and predict further marketing and sales trends with also an insight on revenue outcomes. It helps the user identify new opportunities and predict future sales .It also gives an insight to the lead conversion rates in the future.

Analytics also helps you manage your sales pipeline with only the correct and most relevant information. With a correct Sales and Marketing analysis data, you can increase your revenue by identifying new prospects, new marketplace and new areas of innovation & development for your business niches.

Sales Analytics Software

In our kit19 tool, a user gets a free visual Analytics dashboard which helps you understand and check your past sales activities. This data generated at our dashboard will help you forecast your future sales and areas of new growth for your business niches.

The data generated can also help you adjust your current sales and marketing strategies in real time for improved efficiencies.

Sales Analytics Software

So now let’s go into detail and check how this free Analytics dashboard can really help you grow your business.

Track your leads

Lead tracking gives us a better idea of how the leads contacted you, what type of campaigns performed well for the leads so that the user can effectively channelize their efforts and increase returns on their investment.

In our kit19 business software package, a user gets a free dashboard to track all your leads and customers and gather the information such as where the leads came from, their personal details which they feed in the webforms etc.

Lead tracking is a complex integration of lead automation, online CRM, lead management and call tracking software. A better lead management results in better sales at optimized investments with minimalistic efforts.

Sales Analytics Software

Track your website visitors

With our free analytics software dashboard, the user can also track their online website visitor’s activities. This can help you introduce and track your prospects in real time by getting their details like name, gender, age, geographic location.

Through our kit19 a user can also initiate a direct chat with their online visitors and provide them with more details about their business and feeding them with more relevant data in a couple of minutes. This helps save precious time of your leads which results in a high probability of leads turning to customers.

Website tracking also helps you get real time information of the new prospects that filled up your webforms which helps you to get to them with offers instantly. Online web tracking can be done for any of your website hosted either on our kit19 domain or on your personal domain.

Sales Analytics Software

Monitor Campaign performance

Campaign Monitoring allows you to see how well your campaigns performed and gives you really insightful data such as which campaigns performed, where campaigns performed and why campaigns performed. This analytic metrics of your campaign performance is fed directly to the free dashboard available on our Kit 19 tool.

Monitoring your campaign performance helps you to promote more relevant Mails/SMS for your leads. The metrics of your campaigns helps you decide and streamlining marketing and sales activities for improved efficiencies.

Sales Analytics Software

Track your sales

After all sales is what our ultimate goal is. kit19tool free sales dashboard helps you get a clear picture of your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly sales and it even helps you forecast about the performance of your different products.

It also helps you create a detailed report in real time of your sales, team performance, and overall budgets. The detailed report created can help you in sales forecasting and lets you manage your entire sales pipeline at one place.

Sales Analytics Software

Calculating ROI

Marketing is a necessity for your online business which every company does to gain more customers while also maintaining a pleasant relationship with your clients. But this definitely costs!! So a user definitely have a question about the return on investments(ROI) which they get for the money spent on marketing campaigns.

The dashboard available at our Kit 19 business software package, a user can easily calculate your ROI in a fraction of seconds without getting hay wired with the manual calculations. You can simply put in data for your monthly visitors, monthly leads, monthly customers and monthly sales price per customer.

Sales Analytics Software

With our free ROI analytics, a user can predict about their sales activities and can optimize their time and money for better and efficient sales. ROI analytics can also lead you to make better marketing strategies for the future.

The best analytics focuses on improvement and development of latest strategies for improving your sales performance in both long term and short term. SalesAnalytics closely ties all the sales and marketing activities data in one place which helps in determining future outcomes.