Landing Page Creation Software

In online marketing, a landing page is a standalone website page or a single page and is sometime also known as a lead capturing page. It is also called a “lander” because a person can be made to land directly on this page when visiting a website. Landing pages are designed and developed with a business goal.

Landing pages should not be confused with Home pages as landing Pages as landing pages have a single defined objective – known as Call to action (CTA)

With so much traffic coming from advertisements and social media channels, a landing page becomes critical for your online business as these beautiful landing pages increases the likelihood of converting this high incoming traffic to leads.

Business landing pages

Landing pages can be distinctively divided into three main categories with particular objectives in mind such as

  1. Direct Sales landing page – where your prompt customers to directly buy your products.
  2. Lead generation landing pages – where you can get the lead details directly to your CRM
  3. Relationship building landing pages -where you warm up your prospective leads by nurturing them through engagement tools.

Here we will talk about some of the important features of landing pages generated through our kit19.

Easy create free landing pages

kit19 allows the user to create beautiful landing pages for their business requirements for direct sales, lead capturing or relationship building. With our simple drag and drop option, the user can easily create simple and beautiful landing pages for free within a couple of minutes. Drag n drop feature simply eliminates the need of any technical knowhow for creating landing pages.

Business landing pages

Dynamic & Responsive Landing Pages

A user can also create responsive and dynamic webpages through our kit19 which is different from a static landing page where the elements such as text, audios, videos remains the same for every website visitors.

Dynamic landing pages are dependent on the visitor’s data, time and location. So for every visitor these pages are unique and can help in faster lead conversions. The dynamic landing pages can be embedded with links for which can help track visitor’s activities.

Business landing pages

Capture lead directly through landing pages

With the availability of numerous landing page templates in our business software package, a user can create a lead capture landing page which helps you collect valuable information about the prospective buyers. Lead capture pages helps you introduceprospects to your marketing funnel so that you can build a better relationship with them.

Mobile friendly templates

Due to the ever rising users of mobile devices it becomes a priority for the landing pages to be responsive and fully function even on mobile platforms. Any unresponsive page can definitely result in a loss of a potential lead. Our kit19 has beautiful and mobile friendly templates which are compatible with all mobile operating systems. So be rest assured that your landing pages are fully responsive and functional even on mobiles devices.

Business landing pages

Linking of landing pages to your website and E-Shop

Landing pages can be termed as standalone single page website and are different from normal multi-paged website. The sole responsibility of landing pages is prompting users to take actions without any deviations whereas a website has all the necessary information about the business and is keyword rich.

Through our kit19 , you can either create a landing page separately on a domain or you can host your landing pages on your personal website for your visitors.

Business landing pages

You can also create a dynamic microsite which is again different from the normal website and landing pages. Microsites are mainly used by business entities when they want to launch a new promotion of a product or an event which might not be linked to their business.

These microsites are one paged website with lots of information and are highly rich in keywords with SEO advantages. These microsites can be separately hosted within a targeted domain name for search engine optimization.