CRM Software for Small & Large Businesses

A CRM (customer relationship management) system is an online system business software package that helps the user stay connected to their prospective leads and loyal customers and helps in maintaining a regular and customized automated interaction with their customers, thereby streamlining every sales process and improves profitability and sales.

With an automated online CRM business tool, you can get all the customer details from all the resources centrally to one place in your kit19 account and can be stored and tracked thereafter. All the enquiries and information of your customers can be centrally controlled through this CRM system.

Lead Automation Software

An easy CRM can help you in improving your relationship with your existing customer, finding new customers and winning back customers thereby improving overall sales performance.

Online CRM is the soul of your kit19 which is seamlessly integrated to our platform where you can store all the leads which you get from all the different channels such as advertisements,social media, B2B directories etc.

The online leads and can be added and updated in the CRM in real time and thus it helps get over the hassles of maintaining and following a lead. The leads can also be imported to an excel file format for further research and analysis.

Let us have a look as to how our free CRM tool can help you improve your sales.

Lead Automation Software

Automatic storing and tracking of lead

Maintaining a record of all your leads and storing them may be a daunting process and may be a quite complicated. Manually storing may result in loss of leads and sometimes even loss of a potential customer. With our integrated free online software maintaining, storing and tracking of leads in our centralized CRM is a just a breeze where leads from all channels can be captured, stored and nurtured.

This can simply be achieved by moving all the enquiries made to your mailbox auto forwarded to the automated virtual mailbox created at kit19 for every user which is tied to the online CRM tool. The lead data can also be imported in an excel file for further research and analysis.

Online CRM System

Add/Update Lead data anytime

You can also update and add lead manually and assign it to different sales staff to track the leads and help your clients get their problems and queries resolved. This can help built further one to one relationship with your customers which can further boost your sales.

Segmentation of Leads & Lead Nurturing

“One size fits all” cannot apply to your customers as they have their varying needs according to their taste. For this our simple CRM tool can easily segment your customers according to the enquiries they receive and the leads history.

Segmentation allows you to search for lead or customers based upon a specific interest. For example, you can segment a particular set of leads that haven’t bought anything for the past 6 months and engage them with automated scheduled SMS/mail or you can also set a campaign to educate them and entice them to your products. This is called lead nurturing.

Online CRM for Small Business

There is nothing called as a “dead lead”. So lead nurturing is made possible with easy steps in our free CRM software. Lead nurturing takes time but a nurtured lead can significantly improve your sales and might become a significant customer for your business.

Our online CRM helps in maintaining and managing different customer issues and grievances at real time by assigning the leads to their different staffs directly through the CRM business software.

This ticket management helps us to solve the issues and queries of leads from different platforms and can be resolved centrally through our Kit 19 CRM software.Remember, happy and satisfied customers can significantly boost our sales by more than 33%.

Online CRM for Small Business

Apart from the inbound sales where you don’t have to make effort for scoring a lead, our simple CRM also helps in making outbound sales by simply putting mailers, landing pages, sms to educate our inform our customers and make them coming to you further improving the sales by referrals, upselling and cross selling making your business graph to grow exponentially over time.

This is how a completed kit19 CRM system looks with its complete details.

We are also working on API which can be directly integrated to our CRM system. So these APIs can be integrated with all the different platforms and leads can be captured, stored and tracked in our CRM system directly.